About Us

Art therapy sessions and creative workshops for the residential home sector and the older generations

We intend to provide a healthy creative environment for residents or home owners alike. Our programmes are designed to stimulate the clients creatively and involves the use of art materials as a means of self-expression, communication and relief of stress.

We are based in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset and currently service a 15 mile radius. Each Crafty Creation session costs 30. When the group exceeds six people, 5 is billed to each extra person. Each session requires up to 30 minutes preparation time.

For once a week clients are free to join a craft group. The group can gather in a lounge or social area or even outside if the weather is fine. The craft group is aimed at giving mental and tactile stimulation, social interaction and also improving the memory in a safe and supportive environment. Materials such as paint, glitter, sugar paper, pritsticks, child safe scissors and certain craft materials for particular projects that week will be provided.

The clients are given the materials to create any thing they want or they can join in with the chosen project of that week. For example, decorating flower pots, flower arranging, decorative paper weights and decorating plates.