Art Therapy

Here are some of the projects used in our art therapy sessions.

Working with clay Using self drying clay clients can make and decorate something that will be varnished and that they can keep.

Stencil work and stamps Pre-cut card stencils and mosaic pieces in lots of colours, a range of objects to decorate, sponges and paint.

Flower arranging A range of fresh/dried flowers, oasis and pots, vases and containers of different sizes and shapes.

Painting flower pots A variety of different shapes and sizes of terracotta flower pots, a large choice of acrylic paint. Pressed flowers, stickers, sugar paper etc to add to the decoration.

Bird feeders Pre-made bird feeders undercoated ready to decorate. Seeds and bird food to fill it when completed. Lots of materials supplied such as sugar paper, paints, pressed flowers, stickers and ribbon.

Decorative photo frames Different types of wooden photo frames and a large selection of craft equipment to decorate with.

Working with pressed flowers Wide variety of flowers leaces and ferns. Paper and card to produce pictures and a range of objects to cover.

Hanging baskets Hanging baskets of different shapes and sizes, compost and liner and a wide variety of plants.

Lavender bags and pot puree Flower petals, bark, cones, dried orange and wood shavings and essential oils. Clients can make bags or use containers supplied.

Mosaic coverings (group work) Small pieces of furinture, coffee tables and chairs, place mats, trays and gift boxes. Pre-cut mosaic tiles. The finished work will be grouted for the client.

Decorative garden lanterns Glass painting on pre-made jam jar lanterns, vases and glasses.